Sneak Peeks From The National Gallery Of Canada

Jason & Kaitlin are a WONDERFUL couple!!!
You can just see how much they love each other through their actions,
their little gazes at each other.
Their day was beautiful,
even though it poured rain!
Our first location got rained out
so we went to the
National Gallery of Canada
to take their pictures.
It was definitely different than we are used to
but we were so happy with hoe they turned out!
Here are a few sneak peeks from their day,
more to come!


Kyle & Cara

Two weeks before I was due with our 3rd baby,
we decided it would be a good idea to photograph a 10hr wedding!
I know, we are CRAZY!
But we are so glad we did!!!
Kyle & Cara had a beautiful outdoor ceremony
right on the lake.
We got Cara to overcome a fear
by taking pictures on the train tracks near her house.
She apparently is majorly afraid of train tracks but she wanted to get the picture
so as fast as she hopped onto the tracks, she hopped right back off! lol
The golf course she had her reception at
had a gorgeous little waterfall on one of the holes which was super cool.
I think Cara was about to freak out when she saw
a 9 month pregnant girl (me) walking through the water across the waterfall
just to get that “perfect” angle. lol
It was a great day and we were so happy we agreed to photograph it!

Thanks Kyle & Cara for having us!!!


Curtis & Sarah

Curtis & Sarah’s wedding was gorgeous!
An outside ceremony on private property
that was so beautifully gardened and kept.
They had so many cute little touches that made
taking pictures so effortless.
Sarah was a beautiful bride with incredible shoes!!!
They decided to see each other before the wedding
so Curtis faced his back to Sarah and as she started going down the isle
that was completely deserted, he turned around.
It was a beautiful moment!
They could not have asked for better weather for their special day.

Thanks so much Curtis & Sarah for letting us share in your day!!!

Especially when I was ready to pop any day, photographing 9 months pregnant! lol


Kyle & Danielle

It’s been a while!
We have been extremely busy with our new little man
arriving August 31st.
Our photography has taken a back burner for a little bit
but we are now on the catch up train.

Kyle & Danielle
Their wedding was PURE COUNTRY!
No doubt about it!
It was held at their new home,
in the country of course,
with their horses and a wagon ride behind a tractor.
Cowboy boots and old-school games.
Barns and hay bails.
Her dress was custom made just for her and it was AMAZING!
They are such a great couple
and we were so happy to be able to be part of their day!

Thanks for having us Kyle & Danielle!



We have had so many inquiries about family sessions in the past month or so
and we had a hard time trying to figure out how we would fit everyone in.
We decided that we just can’t.
We would LOVE to photograph each and every family
but reality is:
we have 3 children, one being a newborn
Luke works a full time job
and we just don’t have the extra time we would love to have.
So with that being said,
we have decided to limit our family shoots and at least give a few families the chance
to book a family session without being overwhelmed and run down even more than we already are.
Because honestly,
who isn’t rundown with a newborn in the house.
We are going to be shooting 4 families on November 9th, 2013 in the Smiths Falls/Perth area!
The family sessions will be 1 hour long, at any location you wish,
both Luke & Lee-Anne will be there photographing,
you receive all your pictures from the session fully edited on a disc
and you get complete printing rights to print and share with family & friends.
The session is $300 and we require a 25% deposit at time of booking to save your spot.

9am-10am is booked by the Peters Family
11am-12am is still available
1:30-2:30 is booked by the Fitches Family
3:30-4:30 (sunset) is booked by the Hutchings/Thomas

We want you to have fun with these sessions. Think outside the box!
We want to capture you and your family having fun, enjoying each other.
Laughing & Playing.
Don’t be afraid to get down and dirty with your kids.
Enjoy them and we will be there to capture it in a picture so that you can remember it forever!
If you book a session with us, we will come to you. Pick a location that really tells the story of your family.
Somewhere you love to go, a field your kids love to run in, your home where they free to roam,
nothing is too strange for us!
We want you to have fun with your session!
If you want to get covered in paint, DO IT! If you want to have a pajama party and jump on your bed, DO IT!
If you want to tackle and play a sport, DO IT! If you want to explore a forest or frolic in a field, DO IT!
We are up for anything!!!
We just want you to have fun with it and enjoy being a family together because those are the moments that you will want to remember forever!

Email us at, call us at 613-818-2882 or facebook message us to book a session today!

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