Dan & Melinda

Dan & Melinda are the real thing!
They are so genuine and you can’t help but just be drawn to them.
They have so much life and love that they glow!
We were so incredibly blessed to photograph their wedding at Singer Castle.
It was a GORGEOUS day and everything turned out just perfect.
We drove down to meet Melinda at Caigers so we could drive across the border
in the limo because we were a little worried about all the technicalities of shooting a wedding
on US soil.
We had run into some confusion before the wedding when we called the border to ask
if anything specific needed to be done.
One person had told us we could not photograph the wedding at all,
another told us we could but we needed to bring certain documents and it was all up to the border patrol officer.
So, we were a little on edge when we got to the border
but we were incredibly blessed with a really nice lady and we got through with no problem at all.
Melinda had wanted to get married at Singer Castle from the time she was a young girl
so this was truly a fairytale wedding.
They were such a fun and incredible couple to photograph.
The reception was full of laughter
and everyone was truly enjoying themselves.


Thanks so much for letting us in on your day,
you really are a beautiful couple!!!


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