Will & Blaire

What can we say about this couple?
Their wedding was nothing short of romantic & so much fun!
They were meant to be together and you can tell
within the first few minutes of meeting them.
They are head over heels in love
and they really know how to have a good time!
We had so much fun photographing their wedding!!!


We know you two will last the test of time!

┬áThis is coming in the mail Blaire…


Family Photo Shoots

Our decision was tough.
We wrestled with it for months.
Inquiries were coming in,
which we are so thankful for!
So many great families
wanting US to capture them!
It’s an honor to have so much demand
for something you love to do!
We decided after months of discussion
that we would not photograph families this summer.
We had a few already booked that we had booked back in the spring,
but we would not take on any new photo shoots.
It was a tough decision,
but we really feel it was the right one.
Luke took a new job just outside of Stittsville
starting May 1st so by June 1st,
we were moving to the Barrhaven area.
Having two toddlers, a big belly from being pregnant and moving,
it has taken a lot out of our family.
We have been working on getting settled,
getting our two little girls settled
and the weddings that we have already booked.
It’s been an extremely busy summer already,
we just couldn’t add family shoots into the mix.
We are so thankful for all the inquiries,
all the kind words and understanding from people who wish to book us
and all the patience.
We weren’t sure how people would respond
after telling them we were not take family photos this summer,
but everyone who has inquired has been extremely gracious and so understanding
so we would like to say


We could not ask for a better group of clients!
We are settling in and just working on our weddings
which have been amazing so far!
We are looking forward to sharing our news of our newest member of the family
due September 4th and hopefully later in the fall we can
start photographing families again!

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