Spencer & Beth

A purely winter wedding
with two people who you can instantly tell
are madly and deeply in love with each other!
This wedding was a favorite of ours,
not for the pictures
but for the pure joy that they radiated!
This wasn’t just another day to them.
It wasn’t just a day to wear a fancy dress or tux.
It was an incredibly special day
and you could see it in their faces!
It came through in the pictures!
They were genuinely happy
and they were definitely glowing!
We had so much fun photographing their wedding!!!

Congrats Spencer & Beth!!!

We wish you all the best in the future!!!


Twins And A Beautiful Big Sister

 Who does not love twins?!?!
and an adorable big sister to go with them!
Dad has it right for liking the Sens,
NOT the leafs!


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