Jason & Kaitlin

Jason & Kaitlin said they wanted a winter engagement session.
What we didn’t realize was how COLD it was going to be
on the day of the shoot!
It was FREEZING!!!
So, needless to say, we got as many pictures as we could handle
as fast as we could before we all got frost bite
and we headed to a coffee shop to finish them off.
They knew of this cute little spot called “Two Monkeys” that was adorable!
The place was so cute and so kid friendly,
I have never seen a coffee shop so catered to children!
We ended up getting some really cute shots back in their children section. lol
All in all, it was a great day and we had a lot of fun!
Jason & Kaitlin are an extremely cute couple and we can’t wait for the wedding!!!
Hopefully October will be a little warmer!!!


The Doyle Family

Nicole & Tim are a great couple!

We have loved being a part of their lives
through photography!
They are expecting their second boy
so they messaged us up and asked if we would take some family pictures for them.
Of course we were so happy!
To be able to work with the ever so shy Tim
is a great challenge! lol
We had a great time with their little family,
playing dinosaurs with Landon
and walking through the crunchy snow.
We had a great day and are so thankful for
returning customers!
There is no better compliment than a returning customer because you know they must have liked what they got the first time!

Thanks Tim & Nicole!

We can’t wait to hear the news of the birth of your new little man!!!


There’s A Baby In That Belly

Te Kapua & Lindsay

Two of our most favorite people in the world
are having a baby!!!
We are so EXCITED for them!
They are due any day and we are just itching for that call that
Lindsay is in labour!!!
We had the opportunity of doing a little shoot for them
before the little man arrives and we were so happy with how they turned out!!!
We decided to do it in their home,
around everything that is familiar and comfortable.
A relaxing shoot using the cuteness of their new home.
Lindsay is a gorgeous pregnant mama and we were so happy we could capture her in one of the most special times in her life!!!
So come on baby Rewi,
we are waiting for your arrival!!!



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