Our Family Session

We have had many questions and inquiries about family sessions
so we thought we would write a blog about
what we do,
why we do it and
how we do it.
We have really struggled trying to find where we fit into family shoots.
We do not feel at the moment that we are studio photographers.
It is just not our passion at the moment.
We have decided that our family shoots are more “lifestyle” as you would call it.
We want to capture you and your family as you are.
Not with fake smiles, awkward poses & tons of props that are not your own.
Our family shoots are intimate.
We want to get to know YOU.
As a family.
What do you like to do as a family?
Where are your favorite spots?
What are your children’s most cherished toys?
We love doing them in your home!
We feel like it makes for such an incredible story.
We want to be that fly on your wall.
Watching, letting things unfold.
To see where your kids take us.
If we do it in a park,
we want it to be authentic.
All we expect you to do is do what you do each and every day with your family…
love them,
play with them,
laugh with them and
even cry if you need to.
Life is beautiful!
Family is incredible!
With our family shoots, we really want to showcase who you are as a family.
Our photos are not just photos.
We want them to be a piece of art hanging on your wall.
A memory of how amazing your family is,
and to show how real and raw your family is.
We have been asked a few times about doing 15 minute mini sessions for families.
Our answer is that we just don’t feel like that is us.
Our family sessions are unique.
They are intimate.
They take time.
We really feel like we just want to step out of the mold that is set around this area.
Be different.
We want to show a side of you and your family that you have not let a photographer see before.
The silliness.
The imperfect perfection that is you.

Here are a few shots from the past year that we have taken to give you more of an idea of what our family sessions look like.


The Ritchie Family

This family is ADORABLE!
We had originally planned to do an outside photo shoot
with the Ritchie’s at the end of October.
We had to re-schedule until mid-November and by then
the ground was soaked and ugly.
So we decided we would do it in their house.
We LOVE when a family wants to do a session in their home!!!
Grace just ran around and did her own thing
and we captured it as it happened.
Jenn & Nick just followed behind her.
You can tell that quality time means something to this family
because it did not seem awkward when we told them
to just play with Grace.
Nick got the little people out and started putting them on
cupboard handles Jenn tickled Grace to get her laughing.
It was so natural and it shows in the pictures!
Thanks for letting us into your home Jenn, Nick & Grace!







































Matt & Ashley

Thanksgiving weekend.
You can never go wrong!
I think the past 4 or 5 Thanksgiving weekends have been BEAUTIFUL!
Matt & Ashley had a GORGEOUS day!
The sun was shining,
the air was warm,
and the trees were vibrant!
It was perfect!
Ashley had mentioned to us at the start that they were going to need some help posing.
Posing was not their thing.
In front of a camera, they felt uncomfortable.
Even though they felt that way,
we ended up to get some really beautiful pictures.
Photography is not all about the posing,
it is about capturing those moments.
We don’t like the really posed pictures.
We like our couples to have fun,
laugh together,
enjoy the day,
and just be in the moment.
Because of that philosophy,
their pictures turned out gorgeous!


Thanks so much for letting us be part of your day!


































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