Zach & Kelcie

These two are the definition of “love”.
They were glowing.
A stranger could tell they are madly in love.
When they look at each other,
their faces light up.
This wedding was a pure joy to photograph.
Kelcie was a GORGEOUS bride and her smile was infectious.
Zach is a really sweet guy that loves Kelcie with everything he’s got.
When he looked at her, you could just feel the overflowing emotion.
These two make an AMAZING couple
and their wedding was full of laughter and joy.
That is what a wedding is all about
and these two were beaming!


Thank you so much for sharing your special day with us!
We had an amazing time!!!





































A Wet Rainy Day

The Vandermeer’s.
They contacted us about getting a gift certificate for their mom for her birthday
and of course we said
“that is a great idea!”
We have worked with a few of the Vandermeer’s,
Jenny & Tim on multiple occasions.
They are a great family
and so much fun!
The whole family was getting together for Bea’s birthday
so they decided they would use the gift certificate then
to get a few really nice shots of all the individual families
as well as a group shot.
The weather wasn’t co-operating very much for us
but we decided to do it anyways because it was the only time EVERYONE
would be all together for a little bit.
It was rainy and cold.
But we survived and ended up getting some great pictures
despite all the rain.
Thanks so much Vandermeer family for being such a great support for us!!!
We hope we can continue to photograph your families as they grow
more and more over the years!!!


















Corey & Courtney

We woke up the morning of Corey & Courtney’s wedding
and it was POURING!!!
Not just raining…
It was extremely windy out and just all in all
a horrible day.
We had planned to do outdoor pictures
with Corey & Courtney out at Corey’s parents house.
We immediately had to scratch that idea because it didn’t look like
the rain was going to let up any time soon.
Courtney called the Heritage Museum and reserved it
for a half hour right after the ceremony before it closed for the day.
They turned out to be some AMAZING shots and
we are actually glad of the weather because the pictures turned out GORGEOUS!
The rain let up for a little bit so we could get a few pictures outside as well.
Even though the weather was not co-operating,
it turned out to be a lovely day!


Thanks for having us!!!






































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