The Vandermeer’s Make Our Blog Again!

So here we are again!
Taking pictures of a wonderful family!
Of course there is a new addition coming soon.
Little Timbit.
Tim & Jenny wanted pictures done with us again.
but they decided to do them in their very own home.
Which I LOVE!
I wish more people would be open to it!
Maeva was so much herself.
Laughing, playing, being wild.
She was so comfortable.
We had so much fun.
And the pics show it!

Thanks so much for having us again Tim & Jenny!

A Message from the Bremners

We are very proud of the work we do, and we take great care in our work as photographers.  Sometimes people send us wonderful messages to encourage us and thank us for the work we did for them.  We would like to share that with you so that you can be confident in knowing who we are, what we are about and the quality of our work.  This was from Kelly one of our most recent brides!

Thank you Luke and Lee-Anne — We could not be happier with our Wedding pictures!!! You both have such an amazing gift to share and we are so thankful to have had you as part of our special day. You were so patient and accommodating and with constant professionalism, we really appreciate everything you did for us! We could not be more impressed with how beautiful everything turned out, you have such an amazing eye — the apple orchard, pose ideas and capturing those off moments to show us how natural and fun the day really was…simply amazing. We have heard nothing but wonderful things about your photographs since we’ve shared them and your laid-back professionalism all around. We are so happy that we are able to look through these pictures, and each time it brings us back to the day with such beautiful flare. Thank you so much for your amazing work!


Jeremy and Kelly Bremner

Bob & Jackie, Just a Sneek Peek {june 23 2012}

My wife and I were privileged to have photographed the beautiful wedding of Bob and Jackie.
The day was a bright moment in the lives of all their loved ones and friends, even with the bit of rain that started the day.
However, the rain past and the sky opened up to a bright blue backdrop to some beautiful photos.
Bob and Jackie, thank you for allowing us to be there for your day it was a special day!
Here is just a teaser of two pictures to get everyone excited about the rest to come.
Enjoy!  Congratulations yet again to the beautiful couple, Bob & Jackie!


Luke & Lee-Anne

The Weagle’s Get Photographed

I met Shawna through MSG (mothers support group) at Rob Roys a while back.
It’s our little night every 2nd week to vent and lift each other up as moms.
She asked about getting family pictures done.
I always get nervous when a “friend” asks to get photographed by us.
It adds this extra nervousness.
My hands start getting sticky and my heart beats a few extra beats.
i don’t know why.
Maybe it’s because I want to do an EXTRA good job to get the PERFECT pictures
and I hype myself up thinking “what if I screw up?”
Shawna was GREAT!
She was totally open minded to anything which was AWESOME!
She gave us free reign to pick the location
so a few days before the shoot, we drove around to pick the perfect spot.
We drove out to Kilmarnock and knew right away,
It was picture perfect!
We had a vision and it came to life.
The photo shoot was very low-key.
We just walked around, played with bubbles, sat on the dock (and almost fell IN the water),then eventually we did get to play a little in the water.
Little Hailey was ADORABLE!
She had so much fun blowing bubbles that she didn’t want to put them away.
What kid doesn’t love bubbles though, right?
It was a fun night and we are so happy we got the opportunity to capture this beautiful little family!

5 Years Later

We are privileged.
Privileged to have been asked to photograph this family.
A beautiful family.
This is the first time the entire family has been together in 5 years!
And we were there to capture it.
The minute we met them, we felt welcomed.
We knew Sasha from a previous photo shoot with her and her family.
Breen, we went to highscool with and have not seen since.
LeaBeth and Glenn were so welcoming.
The very first minute I was there, one of the little guys came over and sat on my lap as I was taking a picture of his sister.
I just felt like I was a part of this family the minute we started.
They are so fun.
You can tell they really love each other!

Here are some of our favorites from the day:

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