A Little Glimpse Of The Weagle Family

Just a little glimpse of our photo shoot with the Weagle’s!
We took a trip out to Kilmarnock and played in a field, blew some dandilions, almost fell in the lake off the dock, blew some bubbles and splashed in the boat launch.
Overall, it was a good time and little Hailey is just so cute!
More to come of the Weagle’s!

Taylor Family – Teaser

Nothing is more beautiful than Family

Thank you to the Taylor Family for booking with us.  We had a wonderful time at Stewart Park in Perth Ontario.  It truly was wonderful to see such a beautiful family reconnect after almost five years of not all being together.  We felt right at home with them from the beginning of the shoot.  Within minutes of us being there one of the little guys who had never even met us before, jumped right up onto Lee-Anne’s lap and started to talk to her.  They were all very cute.  We had a little set back with one little lady, she was a bit perturbed at the thought of taking pictures without being on mommy’s lap.  We were able to get some muffin into her and she was  much more cooperative.   We couldn’t have asked for better weather.  Again, thank you to the Taylor family…more to come soon!

Luke & Lee-Anne Haggett

Jeremy & Kelly – Teaser!

A Little Bit Of Sanity

We took the girls and hopped in the car.
We had an idea for a wedding photo shoot and we wanted to check it out.
It was at Kilmarnock locks.
There is an orchard just down from the locks.
I knew the flowers should be blooming soon but I had gone only a few days before
and there was nothing showing.
We had not planned to check again
because we figured they would not come in this fast.
But as we drove up,
tree after tree were blossoming.
It was just gorgeous!
So of course,
we had our big honkin camera just in case.
And it was PERFECT!
We took the girls for a walk through the orchard.
Through the humming of bees,
and the freshly mowed grass.
The sun was shining,
peeking through the breaks in the trees.
It was a perfect little family getaway
in the busyness of our lives.

Will & Blaire

We are so excited to be able to photograph this couple during one of the most exciting times of their lives!
Tyndale was where we first met Blaire. Luke & Blaire were both students there and it’s not too hard to easily like Blaire. She has such a fun personality that glows.
They asked us to photograph their wedding and we were thrilled!
We just had a photo shoot with them a few weeks ago to do some engagment pictures for them and it was so much fun! My brother in law had showed us this sweet back alley that goes between the main streets downtown Kingston so we went there. As we were taking pictures, a local came out of one of the back doors and told us about this amazing hidden courtyard with a huge Magnolia tree that was perfectly in bloom and you can get up on the rooftop of some buildings. It was PERFECT!
We ended up getting some pictures we are really happy about!!!



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