Mashall Family Fun

We have been busy recently doing family shoots as well as just life in general.  A few weeks ago we were contacted by a wonderful family to do all their pictures together, and also all the individual families.  We went down to the Bay road just outside of Smiths Falls and photographed the family at a friends cottage.  They were wonderful to work with, very easy to direct and have fun.  They really wanted lively pictures with a lot of fun and character.  We feel that we really captured the life that this family displayed.  Each individual group of the family only had about 15 min each to set up snap a few pictures and move on.  We were able to use our new Canon 5D Mark II with our Canon 24-105 f/4L IS, it worked really well together.  We love the image quality of all the pics.  Thanks for looking!


Tim, Jenny & Maeva

We got the opportunity to photograph a family that I have just recently gotten to know very well! Jenny & Maeva have been going to the same playgroup that my little girl and I go to every week. Maeva and my little girl Priscilla have become best friends and they are absolutely adorable to watch play together, feed each other, share their sippy cups, hug and kiss one another and occasionally one of them will sit on the other ones lap for fun. It is quite adorable! So when we were given the chance to photograph this family, we were so excited! We took them to a near by lock station where we took all the photos. We are very excited about how they turned out. Maeva was the typical 1 year old who doesn’t sit still, no smiles on command and just wants to play the whole time. I think we were able to catch some wonderful shots through it all.



Shannon & Garry Engagement

We have been blessed to be busy this year, that means lots of posts to catch up on and more to come!  Shannon and Garry were an awesome couple and were a lot of fun to shoot.  We went out to what we considered the middle of nowhere in Lyn, Ontario.  Lyn is near Athens, and Brockville.  When we got there they took us to a beautiful waterfall, where the bugs ate us alive.  We got some really great pictures of them there but the bugs were getting too bad.  Earlier we we had spotted an old museum with a real country feel to it.  Lots of old fram equipment outside to decorate it, so when we were done at the falls we headed over there to finish out the shoot.  We are so glad we did because these were some of our favorites from the day.  Enjoy!

TeKapua & Lindsay Get Hitched!

We had the wonderful opportunity of taking wedding pictures of our dear friends TeKapua and Lindsay Rewi.  Leading up the the wedding we got to see them all stressed out about center pieces, which we still have swimming around in a bowl on our table.  We got to see the anticipation, the work and the nerves all leading up to the big day.  It was a wonderful day despite the weather man calling for thunderstorms.  TeKapua and Lindsay made a beautiful couple, the ceremony was filled with joy and passion, and the kiss well they didn’t quite have their fill the first time so after finishing their first kiss they leaned in and smooched a bit more.  Over all it was a wonderful day, we hope you enjoy the photographs.  If you have any questions about these images please leave a comment and we would be glad to respond.

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