Te Kapua & Lindsay

Te Kapua & Lindsay are some very good friends of ours and we got the opportunity to shoot their engagement and wedding photos! It was so much fun!

The engagement photos were taken on the way to Merrickville, Ontario. We stopped on the railway tracks to take a few and then headed to a nearby abandoned house that we had found about 6 months ago. It made for some really great photos! When we were done shooting at the house, we hopped in our vehicles and started backing out the long lane way and both got stuck in the mud! It had been raining a LOT lately and the ground was just mush! There was no way we were going to get out ourselves so Luke & Te Kapua headed to the neighbors house because they saw he had a truck sitting in his driveway. The neighbor, Sean, was so nice and willing to help us! He came with his truck and got our vehicle out first and then proceeded to get Te Kapua’s car when HE got stuck! Sean, being the great guy he was said “no worries, I’ll be back” and came back driving an excavator!!!! He got both his truck out and Te Kapua’s car and we were all good! It was quite the memorable experience and made for some good laughs!

Here are the engagement pictures:

Wedding pics to be posted…….

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