Joining The Tiny Light Foundation

We have joined the Tiny Light Foundation

We are so excited about this new opportunity that has come up.  The Tiny Light Foundation contacted Luke and Lee Photography to join their team of photographers.  Tiny Light is a really amazing foundation, they help connect families who have been through some major life problems with their child with photographers who are willing to do a free photo shoot with the child.  Some of the stories are quite amazing, some are sad but knowing that there are people out there that care about such things as this is amazing.

When I was contacted by Tiny Light to join their team of photographers I was honored.  It was something that really connected with me.  When I was a child i spent the first year of my life in and out of the hospital.  I always listened to some of the stories my mother would tell about what it was like.  She stayed at the Ronald McDonald house many nights wondering if I was going to make it.  I was born with Hirschsprung’s disease that was not diagnosed in time, which created an devastating amount of complications.  I know that if someone had of been willing to take photographs for my family in the busyness of all the hospital visits it would have really touched my mothers heart.  That is why when I was asked to be part of this I knew without a doubt it was something I wanted to do.

Our first shoot with our first Tiny Light family is coming up very soon we will be meeting with the mother this week to talk about all the needs associated with her child then schedule the shoot.  Check back soon for an update about the shoot and for a few pictures.


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