Year in review (a look back at our family)

This has been an awesome year for my family and our photography.  So many changes took place in our lives this year.  My wife Lee-Anne and I became parents in 2010, which meant a brand new subject for us to take pictures of.  Early on it was easy to photograph our little daughter she had no choice but to stay still for the camera.  We took all the opportunities we had to make sure the first year of her life was well documented.  It seems so wild that such a short time ago she was laying on her mothers belly fast asleep oblivious to the strobe lights flashing constantly around her…Now just 9 months later she has developed into her own little person.  We have seen her personality explode over the last few months, she laughs and plays games, even has began to give kisses (which we are particularly fond of, especially the nice wet slobbery ones).  It really is quite amazing to watch such a drastic change take place in such short of a time.  Christmas

We had such a wonderful time with our little girl this year and she has been the real highlight of our life over the course of 2010.  In fact we have enjoyed her so much we are having our second join us in 2011.  Can’t wait to see what more is going to be in store for us next year.  Looks like we will have to get a new family picture taken soon!  Have a great 2011.

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