Baby Photography


We have finally acquired the proper equipment to start doing coloured background shots.  It took some time to get it right but the results are amazing.  We took a few pictures of our little baby girl to show everyone what kind of results we can get with a white background.  After some time of working out the lighting and getting Priscilla to calm down and look at the camera we captured some priceless shots of her.  If you like what you see and you have a little baby no matter how old we would love to help capture these precious moments for you.  Keep posted, more photographs to come!

Will & Katie – August 21, 2010


will-katie_17We had a wonderful time with Will and Katie on their beautiful wedding day in Smiths Falls, Ontario.  They were so wonderful to watch, they both were glowing with love for each other and it was really amazing to watch.  As a photographer waking up the morning of the wedding was rather nerve wracking because of the rain.  However, I imagine that Katie and Will were a bit more nervous than I was.  But by the time the pictures were being taken the rain had let off and we were able to quickly snap some wonderful shots of Will & Katie.

We went to the Smiths Falls Golf and Country Club to shoot the couples portraits.  It was my first time at the course, but the pictures turned out beautiful.  On the 7th hole there is a quaint little bridge that resembles an old train caboose.  We were able to snap several outstanding photographs of this caboose because the colour contrast of the caboose and the gray sky was fantastic.  We were really happy with the results, and so were Will and Katie and that is what really matters.

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Jonathan and Emily – Beautiful Wedding near Smiths Falls


We had the opportunity on August 6 2010 to photograph a wonderful couple, Jonathan and Emily.  We knew Jonathan from when he was just a kid so it seemed quite strange to now be photographing their wedding.  Jon and Emily approached us to do their wedding and we were so excited.  We knew that they had a lot of energy and they didn’t disappoint us at all.  We headed out to their house near Smiths Falls in the morning expecting to take pictures of Emily in her dress on the Big Rideau wake boarding, however the wind was very strong and the lake was much too choppy.  Instead Emily had the brilliant idea to longboard down the Bay Rd.  It was a blast and we got some fun creative shots.  The rest of the day was filled with fun and excitement, every shot they were willing to try different things and the pictures turned out amazing.  We also got a chance to head into Perth for more of their wedding pictures.  We asked the restaurant Maximilian to take a few pictures inside.  They were closed at the time but were very kind and allowed us in to snap a few pictures.  Overall we had a wonderful day and captured some beautiful memories for Jon and Emily.

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Luke & Danielle – June 26 2010


We had the pleasure of shooting a wedding for Luke and Danielle. They were such a wonderful couple and very fun to work with. They were willing to try different poses and were willing to trust us to get amazing shots for them. Luke really wanted to get some pictures at Charleston Lake right down on the main dock. We started to get pressed for time at the one location and needed to head out. Lee-Anne and I had an idea for a shot inside Main Street Pizza in Athens, ON. We asked Luke and Danielle if there was time to stop and even though Luke really wanted to get to the lake he trusted us and gave us the 15 minutes we needed to set up and take a few sample shots. The results were amazing and Luke and Danielle were so happy. Here are a few more pictures from the day including the Main Street Pizza shot!

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New Luke & Lee Photography Blog

Thank you for coming to our brand new blog.  We are excited to offer this new part of our website.   Here you will be able to enjoy more pictures and stories from our shoots.  We will post pictures in different categories for you to be able to find with ease.  If you enjoy some of the pictures please feel free to leave a comment, we would love to hear from you!

Luke & Lee-Anne

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